Cafro CBN Grinding Wheels and Diamond Wheels

Resin & vitrified bonding systems

Hybrid & metal bonding systems


Reduced wheel consumption

Improved profile retention

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Cafro CBN and Diamond wheels in several bonding types and systems


Resin bonding systems

Used in various applications but focusing on tool and cutter manufacture and re-grinds, for both tungsten carbide and HSS. We supply various bonding systems depending on the customers’ requirements e.g. increase stock removal rate, reduce dressing cycle, improve wheel profile retention. Wheels available from 10 to 750mmØ.

Common wheel shapes and specifications held in stock at our partners plant in Italy.

Hybrid bonding systems

A mix of two bonding systems to give the customer enhanced benefits e.g. product stability, profile retention and improved wheel life. Most suitable for tool and cutter manufacture in tungsten carbide and HSS. Wheels available from 50 to 220mmØ.

Common wheel shapes and specifications held in stock at our partners plant in Italy.

Vitrified bonding systems

Established in Cafro production in 2002, this bonding system is now widely used in the automotive industry, predominantly in the grinding of crank and cam shafts. Single rim wheels can be manufactured up to 605mmØ, with a maximum of 700mmØ.

Metal bonding systems

One of the first bonding systems used by Cafro is available for wheels from 10 to 500mmØ, hand files and honing sleeves.


Established in Cafro production in 1999. Wheel hubs can be manufactured in aluminium or steel, and a re-plating service is available for used wheels.

  • Tool and cutter manufacture (TC and HSS)
  • Re-grinds of tooling (TC and HSS)
  • Cylindrical grinding
  • Surface grinding
  • Camshaft grinding
  • Crankshaft grinding

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