Diamond Polishing Belts and Sanding Pads

Consistent surface finish

Aggressive cutting action

High stock removal rate

Increased tool life

Various dimensions and grit sizes

Product Description

Diamond belts and Pads for grinding and polishing

Diamond belts and pads offer a vast improvement on conventional grain types when heavy stock removal and improved tool life is critical. We supply various dimensions and grit sizes to suit your application. A cost-effective option when grinding extremely hard materials.

Diamond belts

Diamond belts are used widely in the Aerospace, Ceramics, Glass, Paper and Stone industry for wet grinding applications. The main advantages to using Diamond belts is a consistent surface finish, aggressive cutting action, high stock removal rate and increased tool life leading to an enhanced production process. Capable of producing a honed or semi-polished finish dependant on your requirements.

Available in various dimensions and grit sizes to suit your specific application.

Diamond hand pads

Diamond hand pads are manufactured using flexible diamond material. Ideally suited to grinding or polishing workpiece edges, angles and flat surfaces. Capable of grinding and polishing a range of materials including granite, marble, engineered stones, glass, ceramics, composites and hard metals.

All hand pads have a colour coded backing to easily and quickly identify the quality and grit size. Dimensions available are 75 x 75mm, 90 x 55mm and 100 x 55mm with grit sizes ranging from 60 grit to 1800 grit. Many different profiles are achievable to meet your specific requirement.

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