Resin Bonded Fettling Wheels

Wheel diameter up to 762mm

Wheel widths up to 200mm

Grit size from 12 to 60 Grit

Wheel speeds up to 100m/sec

Achieve high stock removal rates

Developed for your application

Trial wheels available on request

Technical Data
Product Description

Fettling wheels for high stock removal rates

Resin bonds are predominately manufactured on a phenolic basis and can be differentiated into those with and without fillers. Varying the phenolic resin and filler content determines the characteristics of the bond. The bond breaks down due to the heat and pressure during the grinding process. The elasticity of the bond makes them particularly suited for rough grinding applications.

With the combination of various types of resin bond and raw material e.g. aluminium oxide, zirconia, silicon carbide and ceramic grain (sol-gel), these types of wheels are predominantly suited to off-hand, back-stand, swing frame and robot applications.

Trial wheels available on request.

  • Off-hand grinding application.
  • Swing frame grinding application.
  • Back-stand grinding application.
  • Robotic grinding application.
  • Cylindrical grinding application.
Technical Data
Material & Grain size:
  • Aluminium Oxide, Zirconia, Green & Black Silicon Carbide & Ceramic grains used.
  • If required, a mix of the above materials will be used to ensure the most suitable quality for your application.
  • Grit sizes from 12 – 60 Grit. Finer grit sizes may be available on request.
  • If required, a mix of grit size will be used to ensure the most suitable quality for your application.
Industry & quality:
  • Covering but not limited to the Foundry industry, Rail industry and oil & gas industry.
    • Foundry Industry – typically using wheels off-hand, on a back-stand machine or robotic machine to grind small and large castings.
    • Rail Industry – typically using wheels on track mounted grinding machines to remove any rail defects.
    • Oil & Gas Industry – typically used for cylindrical grinding of large deep-hole drilling equipment (high stock removal required).
  • Wheels are developed with suitable reinforcement to ensure safety in your grinding application.
  • All wheels are quality inspected before despatch.
  • Wheel analysis available.
  • 6-week manufacturing time.

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