Air Tools & Electric Angle Grinders

Robust design

Simple servicing

Speeds from 12,000 to 72,000 RPM

Demonstration machines available

Spare parts delivered in 7-10 days

Electric machines available in 110V and 230V

High frequency machines available

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Technical Data
Product Description

High performance tools require a high performing machine

Straight air grinders

Achieve speeds of between 12,000 and 72,000 rpm and an output of up to 1.0 kW. Small straight grinders are used for precision machining e.g. small-scale milling, light grinding, and polishing. Larger and more powerful straight grinders are used in more aggressive heavy-duty applications e.g. deburring, weld seam removal, and fettling grinding.

Straight grinders can be utilised with many different tools e.g. abrasive caps, abrasive bands, abrasive rolls, abrasive sleeves, burrs, mounted points etc.

The above straight grinders are all stocked in our warehouse located in Germany and can be delivered within 7 – 10 days or sooner in urgent cases.

Electric and high frequency (straight and angle grinders)

Often used in foundry and fabrication industries. We offer a wide range of machines to suit most electrical supplies and application requirements.

  • Deburring
  • Descaling
  • Fettling
  • Grinding
  • Polishing

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