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All surface finish requirements achieved using one of seven product categories.

Due to industry demands, Lukas have an extensive product range for achieving every surface finish requirement, whether dull, satin or mirror. These demands can be found in industries such as aerospace, medical, automotive, food, pharmaceutical and pump manufactures.

The seven polishing groups incorporate various bonding systems, grain types, and hardnesses and can be manufactured in various forms e.g. wheels, mounted points, and dressing sticks etc.

We hold an extensive range of polishing tools both in our warehouse in Colchester and Germany. Stock from Colchester can be supplied on a next day delivery. Stock from Germany can be supplied within 7 – 10 days or sooner in urgent cases.

Please note if you have a specific polishing requirement, we will work with you to develop the right tool.

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P1 – Hard rubber mounted polishing points

Available in one grit size (100 grit) for use on cast materials, soft and hard steels & alloyed and non-alloyed steels. No glazing/clogging during use which gives a long tool life.

P2 – Soft rubber mounted polishing points and wheels

Available in seven grit sizes from 46 to 600 grit. Grits are easily identified by the colour of the tool to prevent errors during the polishing process. This range is often used on pre-machined surfaces where a fine to gloss finish is required. Available in mounted points and wheels up to 200mmØ.

P3 – Felt mounted polishing points and wheels

Available in 2 hardnesses. Used in-conjunction with diamond paste, suitable for a mirror finish on complex workpiece geometries due to the extreme flexibility of the tool.

We supply a range of diamond paste qualities depending on your surface finish requirements from 1 to 15 micron.

P4 – Polishing sticks with polyurethane bonding system

Available in 3 profiles (flat, round and square), 3 grit sizes (80, 150 and 240 grit), 2 hardnesses (soft and hard), and 2 grain types (aluminium oxide and silicon carbide). Polishing sticks are colour coded to easily and quickly identify the quality and grit size. Polishing sticks are predominantly used in the mould and tooling industry.

P5 – Fibre reinforced mounted polishing points

Available in 3 grit sizes (46, 80 and 120 grit). Mounted points are colour coded to easily and quickly identify the quality and grit size. These tools are suitable for working on aluminium and associated alloys, non-ferrous and alloyed steels to achieve a fine surface finish.

P6 – Polyurethane bonded mounted points, wheels and discs

Due to the innovative bonding system there is no need for the requirements of softeners often found in conventional rubber bonded polishing products, this means the flexibility and hardness of the tools remain consistent even after a long storage period. Several hardness options with a grit size ranging from 46 to 1200 grit.

Compact grain is utilised in some products to give an aggressive polish, free cutting action and an increased tool life. This technology is available as a mounted point, and disc form which can be mounted on a standard fixed speed angle grinder.

Polishing disc sets available which include 150, 240, 400 and 800 grit. Used in the correct sequence this can take a rusty surface to a mirror finish.

These tools can be used off-hand and on CNC machines, with or without coolant.

P7 – Polishing wheel with elastomer bonding system

These tools are available in various sizes and are predominantly used in pattern and jewellery industries.

  • Deburring
  • Polishing
  • Graining
  • Satin to mirror finish

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