CBN Grinding Wheels and Diamond Tools

Vitrified and electroplated

Grit range from 15μm to 181μm

Customised shanks

Coolant slots and thru bores

Consistent quality

Reduced dressing frequency

Tailored shape and dimensions

manufacturing partner

Product Description

CBN and diamond tools

Vitrified CBN wheels (internal) are often used in high volume, highly accurate production processes. Compared to conventional wheels they have an increased wheel life, reduced dressing frequency and therefore improve efficiency. We supply several industries. Two main industries are bearing (bore and track grinding) and the fuel injection industry (seat and bore grind for injection nozzles). Vitrified CBN wheels are predominantly used on CNC machines and must be used with coolant. They often run at high peripheral speeds.

Electroplated tools are manufactured with a single layer. These tools can be very aggressive and grind relatively cool even without coolant due to the high protrusion of the grain. These tools are typically used for manual or robotic applications.

Trial wheels available on request.


Bearing industry – track and bore grind

Automotive industry – injection nozzle (seat and bore)

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