Diamond Grinding Blades

Up to 12 different disc forms

Discs individually suited to various workpiece materials

Operating speeds up to 80m/sec

High cutting rate

Long tool life

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Product Description

Diamond Blades for the toughest of applications

With disc diameters ranging from 115mm to 450mm and various forms available, we are confident that the correct specification will be available for your specific application. Please see disc overview as follows:

  • VDC – Recommended for cutting cast iron & fibreglass reinforced plastics.
  • LD Multi – Recommended for cutting concrete & construction materials. Trapezium shaped segments ensure low vibration.
  • LD3 S10 – Recommended for universal cutting applications.
  • LD7 S10 – Recommended for cutting asphalt.
  • Turbo S10 – Recommended for accurate cutting of concrete and construction materials but suitable for most applications.
  • Blue Cut S10 – Recommended for cutting construction materials.
  • TC7 – Recommended for accurate cutting of concrete and construction materials.
  • Fast Cut S10 – Recommended for ceramic and fine stone cutting applications.
  • Fliese S7 – Recommended for cutting tiles and ceramics/glazed ceramics.
  • FC7 – Recommended for cutting tiles.
  • DST S6 – Recommended for grinding concrete, tiles, gas concrete & pumice.
  • DST S5 – Recommended for universal grinding applications.

The above Diamond discs are all stocked in our warehouse located in Germany and can be delivered within 7 – 10 days or sooner in urgent cases.

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