Centreless Grinding Machine Control Wheels

Wheel diameter up to 508mm

Cold setting bond

Optimum grain/bond distribution

Homogeneous throughout

Improved work piece geometry

Long wheel life

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Technical Data
Product Description

A Superior alternative to rubber bonded control wheels

Traditional control wheels are manufactured using a rubber matrix which can often cause an uneven distribution of grain and bond. This can lead to a wheel being inhomogeneous producing a negative impact on the quality of the workpiece, productivity and wheel life (both control and grinding wheel).

To eliminate the above-mentioned issues relating to rubber bonded control wheels, Atlantic developed a cold setting resin bond (ED bond). The combination of an intensive mix of grain and bond, and a monitored/controlled curing process ensures an optimum grain/bond distribution, which eliminates the inclusion of air bubbles in the mix. The manufacturing process enables the wheels to be cast in one process which prevents separation, thus producing an even structure throughout the wheel.


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For centreless external cylindrical grinding (plunge and thrufeed)


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