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Precision grinding wheels

Resin bonds are predominately manufactured on a phenolic basis and can be differentiated into those with and without fillers. Varying the phenolic resin and filler content determines the characteristics of the bond. The bond breaks down due to the heat and pressure during the grinding process. The elasticity of the bond makes them particularly suited for roughing and finishing applications, both grinding wet or dry. When using soluble oil, it is important to note that the pH-value should not exceed 9; above this, this resin bond deteriorates.

With the combination of various types of resin bond and raw material e.g. aluminium oxide, silicon carbide and different types of ceramic grain (sol-gel), these types of wheels are used in many applications e.g. cylindrical, needle, duplex, ball, centreless, fettling etc. One of the key areas of application is for the steel industry in both cold and hot mills for the grinding of work and back-up rolls. This application is a key strength of Atlantic. For detailed information on these applications and industries please click on the application tab.

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Trial wheels available on request.

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