Abrasive Fibre Sanding Discs

Disc diameter from 100mm to 180mm

Grit size from 16 to 120 Grit

High stock removal rates

Top size coatings

Self-sharpening characteristics

Technical Data
Product Description

High Performance Fibre Discs

Fibre discs are used predominantly for deburring, bevelling, weld seam grinding & workpiece preparation. Produced with a vulcanised fibre backing to ensure the disc form is held. These discs are produced using Aluminium Oxide, Zirconia, Silicon Carbide and Ceramic grains with grit sizes typically ranging from 16 – 120 grit. Topsize coatings can also be used to improve stock removal rates while reducing heat generation.

Fibre discs are used in conjunction with backing pads which are supplied on M14 threads to ensure ease of fitting to all angle grinders. Supplied in medium hardness to guarantee universal application.

  • Deburring
  • Bevelling
  • Grinding weld seams
  • Workpiece preparation
Technical Data

Aluminium Oxide

Universally used for most applications. Can be produced with topsize coating to aid performance.


Self-sharpening characteristics. Offers high stock removal with cool cutting capabilities. Can be produced with topsize coating to aid performance.

Silicon Carbide

Suitable for low contact pressures offering free cutting ability.


Produced using different types of Ceramic grain, all of which have self-sharpening characteristics. Varying Ceramic grain types allow medium to high contact pressures to suit your application. Can be produced with topsize coating to aid performance.

Ceramic with additional coating for use on non-ferrous materials

An additional coating is applied to the base layer of Ceramic grain. The base layer of Ceramic grain ensures self-sharpening characteristics. The additional coating prevents clogging offering a longer tool life and higher stock removal rate compared to conventional grain types.

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