Superfinishing Grinding Cup Wheels

Sulphur and wax impregnation

Grit size up to FEPA 2000

Aluminium Oxide and Silicon Carbide

Special superfinishing quality N6000 & 4444

Fine surface finish achieved

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Product Description

Superfinishing cup wheels

Vitrified bonded wheels are most commonly used in this application. Aluminium oxide wheels are often used for pre-finishing and silicon carbide for the final finishing process. In addition, the wheels can be sulphur or wax impregnated which improves wheel life. This process can be used for both flat and convex/concave workpieces and achieves accurate geometry and a fine surface finish.

Superfinishing cup wheels are used in the production of fuel injection components e.g. bucket tappets, injector nozzles and gears. They are also used in the superfinishing process for implants e.g. hip joints where geometry and surface finish are critical..

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