What grinds your gears?

Gear grinding applications have high contact areas throughout the grinding process and therefore there is a high risk of heat generation, leading to the possibility of thermal damage and burn. This cannot be tolerated for such an application and therefore a very porous, vitrified bonding system is applied to ensure a cool grinding action. The wheels are manufactured using aluminum oxide and specialised bonding systems. In addition, Ceramic (sol-gel) content can be added to increase wheel life and reduce dressing cycles.

Not only is a cool grinding action required, the wheel must also have high-profile retention ability to ensure consistent workpiece geometry. The tooth geometry of a gear is crucial to its smooth-running capabilities and service life. Gear manufacturers in many markets e.g. automotive and renewable sector utilise the high-performing consistent wheels manufactured by our manufacturing partner Atlantic.

We have great experience in continuous, dis-continuous and bevel gear grinding applications. We manufacture grinding wheels with various modules, profiles and number of starts depending on the customers application and machine capabilities.

To find out more information, please view our Atlantic gear grinding wheel data here – What grinds your gears

If you would like to start the process of trialing our wheels on a payment-by-results basis, please contact head office or your Kayson Green technical sales representative for more details.

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