Grinding tools tailored to the specific requirements of the roller bearing industry ensure the economical production of various types of ball and roller bearing components

ATLANTIC has decades of experience in the roller bearing industry especially in the field of grinding and finishing tools. Therefore they are a competent partner, who optimises production processes. In short, through consultation and taking into account the various grinding and finishing processes.  They subsequently develop Individually tailored grinding wheels and honing stones.

BEARING INDUSTRY Customer benefits – Ball-bearing

  • Internal cylindrical grinding wheels
  • Double-sided face grinding wheels
  • Grinding and regulating wheels for centreless external cylindrical grinding
  • Raceway grinding wheels up to max. 125 m/s peripheral grinding wheel speed
  • Honing stones for raceway finishing

For instance, high efficiency and precision are required in the manufacture of ball bearings. So even with the production of large quantities at maximum productivity, consistently high quality must be guaranteed. Therefore resulting in ball bearings that work reliably and safely even in continuous operation.

BEARING INDUSTRY Customer benefits – Roller bearing

  • Centreless external cylindrical grinding (thru feed and plunge)
  • Internal cylindrical grinding
  • Double-sided face grinding
  • Raceway grinding inner and outer ring
  • Finishing
  • Taper roller face grinding
  • Sidewall grinding

Particularly due to their design and machining, roller bearings guarantee maximum axial and radial stability even under the highest loads. Above all, ATLANTIC is distinguished worldwide by its high level of expertise in the development, manufacture. And the application of grinding tools for the manufacture of components for roller bearings.

BEARING INDUSTRY Customer benefits – needle roller bearing

  • Centreless external cylindrical grinding in thru feed
  • Extremely fine surface finish
  • Low roundness deviation
  • Reproducibility
  • Guarantee of continuously stable processes

Therefore, individually specified machining needle rollers, require the use of very hard vitrified bonded silicon carbide grinding wheels.

BEARING INDUSTRY Customer benefits – Ball grinding

  • Absolute precision up to G5 and better
  • Low diameter tolerance and shape deviation
  • Exact surface finish
  • Perfect roundness

For Example, grinding and lapping wheels for balls made of steel as well as ceramic in all diameters and batch sizes are custom-made. Thus resulting in optimum solutions for high stock removal rates, perfect surface finish, and long service life of the grinding wheel.

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