In 2019 Bosch introduced the no fuss and characteristically German one click X-LOCK changing system for grinding tools making disc changes 5X faster and more cost effective.

Never again face the frustration of a missing spanner, flange or nut when you come to change your discs. The X-Lock allows disc changes by simply positioning the flap disc on the mounting fixture, listen for the click!, and you’re done.

LUKAS X-LOCK discs from Kayson Green

LUKAS has launched the high performance V2 Power flap disc equipped with the new X-LOCK mounting system.

The V2 Power flap disc features a patented shape and arrangement of the abrasive flaps. Due to the high number of layers, over 70% of the abrasive particles are located on the outer area of the carrier disc, this ensures excellent utilization of the abrasive material and a long tool life of the flap disc. The extraordinarily high stock removal rates are achieved with the high-performance abrasive cloth and its extremely dense coating with ceramic grain. The base of the flap disc is formed by a flexible glass fibre backing.

In addition to the V2 Power flap disc X-LOCK, Lukas has equipped the well-known SLTR flap disc and the 125x1mm and 115x1mm cutting disc suitable for mild steel and stainless steel with the innovative X-LOCK system.

Full list currently available:

Article code Description Quality
A67441250401844 V2 POWER 125 X-LOCK (yellow) Ceramic 40
A67441250601844 V2 POWER 125 X-LOCK (yellow) Ceramic 60
A67441250401865 V2 POWER 125 X-LOCK ZK 40
A67441250601865 V2 POWER 125 X-LOCK ZK 60
A67181250401865 SLTR 125 X-LOCK ZK 40
A67181250601865 SLTR 125 X-LOCK ZK 60
A67181250801865 SLTR 125 X-LOCK ZK 80
AT115010V980201 Flat 115 x 1 x 22mm X-LOCK A46U-BF Inox
AT125010V980202 Flat 125 x 1 x22mm X-LOCK A46U-BF Inox

Flyer – V2 Power X-Lock

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