Precision parts machined with ATLANTIC grinding tools are used in vehicles of all classes.

The automotive and supplier industry is characterised by short development cycles and just-in-time delivery. It demands innovative materials with the highest quality standards and maximum functional reliability. A car consists of a large number of mechanical components that only function precisely together if all the surfaces that have been machined by grinding, honing or finishing have been perfectly matched. For several decades, ATLANTIC has been a partner to well known original equipment manufacturers and suppliers to the automotive industry worldwide.

Customer benefits – Engines

  • Double sided face grinding (connecting rods, piston rings)
  • Finishing of bucket tappets
  • Honing of cylinder bores
  • Crankshaft grinding
  • Innovative machining concepts for mass production and flexible production
  • High surface quality
  • Individual specifications
  • Large product range for processing a wide variety of engine components

ATLANTIC has decades of experience from numerous projects for the automotive industry. Particular success has been achieved, for example, in the honing of cylinder liners or the grinding of bucket tappets.

Customer benefits – Chassis

  • Grinding tools for the production of shock absorber rods
  • Grinding wheels for intermediate grinding before chrome plating
  • Regulating wheels
  • Finishing stones for finishing after chrome plating
  • Optimal and cost-efficient use
  • Individual, customer-specific and processing related problem recording
  • Defined solution concepts
  • Fast implementation of process solutions

There are no compromises when it comes to chassis and chassis components: Components and component groups must meet high standards of driving comfort, noise minimisation and long-term functional reliability. One of ATLANTIC‘s particular strengths is the grinding of shock absorber rods from pre-ground to finishing after chrome plating.

Customer benefits – Fuel injection systems

  • External cylindrical grinding of injector needles and bodies
  • Centreless plunge grinding e.g. injection needles
  • Honing cups for finishing
  • Exact compliance with dimensional, positional and surface finish values
  • Extremely high reproducibility

The development of injection systems has drastically reduced fuel consumption in recent decades. The use of modern grinding tools has contributed a great deal to this success.

Customer benefits – gearboxes and gears

  • Gear grinding
  • Gear honing
  • Discontinuous profile grinding
  • Grinding of bevel gears
  • Shorter grinding times without thermal damage
  • Greater stock removal
  • Higher stock removal rates
  • Shorter grinding cycles

Transmission technology is advancing rapidly. In many industries worldwide, transmissions are responsible for dynamics, motion and more environmentally friendly emission values. Designs vary significantly, but the demand for precision is always high. Important parameters are the increase in torque capacities with minimal friction as well as long service life. ATLANTIC combines individual consulting, development and manufacturing with the highest product quality and ensures worldwide that gearboxes run smoothly and have a long service life.

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